Flowers are so beautiful, the secret of their beauty are the petals. The petals protect them, the petals embrace them, the petals love them. The petals gives them a life. You are the flower and I'm your petal. You are the most beautiful flower, and I am your reason for keeping your beauty. I'll never fall on the ground, as all petals that fall from their flowers.You are a flower lacking protection, so I'll not leave you. Because a flower cannot live without a petal, and a petal cannot live without a flower. If you never wilt, I will never fall to the ground.
forever blooming
99 days for...
100 days for...

Super Junior?…i hate them”


Slow down, grab the wall
Wiggle like you trying to make yo ass fall off



8 Years of Love for Zhou Mi

My heart leaps and aches whenever I see your bright smile.  My heart flutters to every notes you sing and when you’re just being you. <3 My heart aches when I don’t see you often enough.  Everyday I’m wondering what’s you’re doing, or if you’re happy or sad or frustrated.  I want you to know that you have many fans who love to share your burdens.  You’re beautiful inside and out <3

ELF and Mitangs will be with Sunshine forever <3



Happy birthday Zhou Mi. The things are still true about you. I love you, Mi. <3


|190486| Happy Birthday ZhouMi ♥

Heechul’s Humiliation GOF 3rd Teaser

Happy 28th Birthday Zhoumi!

101 days for...


WGM Global Ep 3 Preview

Omnomnom (*´・v・)

WGM EP03 Preview: Heechul invited Zhoumi to be his translator xD


140418 - Global We Got Married Episode 3 Preview with SJ-M Zhou Mi

Well you wouldn't expect him to make his own coffee 
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